Santa Donna, Cento Croci and Pradarena: the Passes of Terre di Canossa 2022

A driving experience to discover breathtaking panoramic glimpses

February 24, 2022: Behind the wheel of their classic cars, Terre di Canossa’s crews of the 2022 edition will unleash their unconditional motorsport passion by crossing wonderful roads leading up to the Santa Donna, Cento Croci and Pradarena Mountain Passes.

Terre di Canossa’s first Mountain Pass is Santa Donna, linking Val di Taro to Val di Ceno in the Province of Parma. Situated at 935 meters above the sea level, the passage is reached by driving along the Strada Statale 21 and once on top the view opens up on uncontaminated panoramic landscapes and spectacular natural sights.

Participants will then cross the wonderful Mountain Pass Centro Croci, located at 1055 meters above the sea level. At the border between Emilia and Liguria, the Pass links Albareto (Parma) with Varese Ligure (La Spezia) in a perfect match made of uphill roads and mountain stretches. Starting from Borgo Val di Taro, the road leaves Emilia and leads the drivers into Liguria through a fun drive. After leaving Borgo Val di Taro behind, take the Strada Statale 523 heading up to the Cento Croci Pass. Kilometer after Kilometer visitors explore a natural scenery made of green panoramas, twisting hairpin bends and breathtaking curves.

This year’s edition will see the participants engaged at over 1500 meters high on one of the most interesting routes in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. The Pradarena Pass, which links the Province of Lucca with the one of Reggio Emilia. The Pass is located between two mountains: the Cavalbianco (1800 meters) and the Asinara (1700 meters), serving as a passage between Tuscany and Emilia and touching Garfagnana and Reggio Emilia’s plains. The Pass in its highest points reaches 1579 meters, thus classifying itself as the highest carriage pass in the northern Apennines.

These scenic and challenging panoramic routes will make the crossing of the three mountain Passes even more enjoyable.

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