A tradition renewed by the event every year

The impressive array of spectacular and cultured attractions for the participants of Terre di Canossa demonstrates how a love for cars goes hand in hand with visual and intellectual enjoyment. A tradition renewed by the event every year.

April 5, 2024: Forte dei Marmi is named after the fortress that once protected the thriving traffic of ships carrying the famous marbles of the Apuan Alps to every part of the world, the mountains that rise right behind the small town that today is an aristocratic holiday retreat. The greatest artists, including Michelangelo, sought out these pure marbles for their works, and it is no surprise that the route of the Terre di Canossa explores these unique places. Driving along the ‘marble’ road where the Carrara and Massa quarries can be found offers an engaging experience, as does traveling through areas that have taken advantage of the white marble of the Apuan Alps for their buildings, such as Pisa with its Square of Miracles and the famous Leaning Tower from which Galileo Galilei, by dropping spheres of different sizes and weights, was able to disprove the Aristotelian theory of gravity acceleration.

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