Exploring the lands of Matilde di Canossa

The medieval charm of the regions associated with Pope Gregory VII and the Grand Countess Matilde is one of the main attractions of the Terre di Canossa

March 28, 2024: After the year 1000, a very powerful and enlightened woman, considered the “Queen of Northern Italy,” ruled these lands, expanding her dominion to unprecedented borders: from Lombardy to Tuscany.

Matilde is one of the most significant and fascinating figures of the Middle Ages and became famous for having forced Emperor Henry IV to kneel for three days, in winter, at the entrance of her castle, to have the Pope revoke his excommunication. Ponte del Diavolo, Castello Malaspina, and the passes of Vestito and Trebbio, where the competitors will pass, revive the enigmatic charm of that period.

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