Quattro Castella, in the heart of the Matildic lands

The arrival of Terre di Canossa is expected in the Motor Valley, in the green hills of Quattro Castella

5 aprile 2022: In the last leg of Terre di Canossa, the crews will discover the gentle hilly and pre-Apennine landscape that characterizes the province of Reggio Emilia, heart of the Motor Valley.

The charming landscape encloses the castles of Montevecchio, Bianello, Montelucio and Montezane, suggestive architectural beauties emblem of the dominion of the Countess Matilde di Canossa, an undisputed protagonist of the Middle Ages.

Among these fortresses, originally conceived as the first line of defense from northern populations, only Bianello is still standing. All that remains of the others are a few fragmented ruins.

The leg arrival, on April, Sunday 24, is expected in Quattro Castella, the heart of the Matildic Lands and headquarters of “Casa Canossa”, located in Roncolo. Here participants will endorse a group of time trials which will establish the winner of the Tricolor Trophy.

The 12th edition of Terre di Canossa will end among villages, castles and the traditional cuisine in the center of the fertile Val d’Enza, the watershed between the provinces of Reggio and Parma, in an area waiting to be discovered.

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