Terre di Canossa 2022: Day 2

The second leg across Lucca, Pisa, Forte dei Marmi and Barga

Aprile 23, 2022: This morning at 9.00 am the second day of Terre di Canossa started with a journey across Tuscany and its wonderful art cities. Immediately the crews entered the green Garfagnana, the area in the north of Tuscany characterized by enchanting hilly landscapes. After indulging in the lush Park of the Apuan Alps and in its most unspoiled nature, participants challenged each other on the route in timed trials and reached the medieval village of Gragliana.

The racing day continued with the parade through the picturesque streets of the city center of Lucca. After the passage in front of San Michele’s church, the crews stopped in Piazza Napoleone. Not to be missed was the exclusive passage along the city’s ancient walls: for the special occasion opened to Terre di Canossa’s crews, greeted by flag-wavers in costume and by the pressing rhythm of their drums. A large audience enthusiastically cheered and photographed the cars from all over the world, demonstrating a great passion for historic engines.

The race then continued on the streets of Pisa, well known for its iconic Leaning Tower. After driving through Lungarni, Piazza dei Cavalieri and Scuola Normale, the cars reached the wonderful Versilia’s Sea. In the elegant seaside resort of Forte dei Marmi, visited every year in the summer season by international tourists, the cars were parked in Piazza Marconi to be admired once again by the many enthusiasts who came to see the cars on display.

After a relaxing lunch by the sea at Twiga, one of Italy’s most iconic beach resorts, the caravan proceeded along the “Marble Road”, which took participants through narrow tunnels and up to the most spectacular marble quarries of Italy, among the white slabs and the Apuan Alps towering up to the sky. After the exciting timed trials, the driving day ended in Barga, an exclusive tourist destination nestled in the Serchio Valley.

Sunday’s departure is scheduled at 8.45 am. The crews will say goodbye to the green hills of Lucca’s hinterland and return to Emilia. After crossing the Pradarena Pass, they will reach Carpineti and then Casa Canossa for the much-awaited Tricolor Trophy. The crews will finally arrive in Quattro Castella, the heart of the lands that once belonged to the Great Countess Matilde of Canossa.

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